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It is great people that make a nation great. We all must constantly strive to live up to the ideals that our country was founded upon, while embracing and protecting the traditions institutions, and values that bind us together as a great and secure people 


                                                     JOB #1

The 437 Republicans and Democrats in Congress have an approval rating of 16% because We The People recognize that they are not doing their jobs, serving donors, political parties and their own ambitions over the voters needs. 

* Term Limits either through a Constitutional Amendment or only electing legislators signing a binding pledge.

* A Balanced Budget Amendment

* End ALL lifetime perks and benefits. Salaries will be no higher than the average income in a members state. Congress is a public service role and should never be a wealth creating career.

* End all Congressional and staffer exemptions from federal laws passed.

* Sunset provisions on all tax and regulatory legislation

* All bills will be single issue, under 50 pages, plain language standard, with a list of everyone who had a hand in crafting the measure including lobbyists, outside lawyers, researchers at think tanks, people working at nonprofits and others 

* Enlarge the House of Representatives with a larger number of smaller congressional districts that would provide better representation for the nation's population than we currently have with the current average size of 770,000 people in each district. I propose returning to the 280,000 district size of 1929, when the Congress capped the house size at 435 members. Current Congressional Districts are too large and too diverse to be represented by one Representative. 

 * Legislation that supports school choice and enables any federal education dollars to follow the student's education needs with options of apprenticeship and entrepreneurial training programs. These dollars should also be extended to support trade schools and apprenticeship programs that will provide millions of middle class jobs and restore our depleted skilled trade workforce.

* Legislation that enables local food producers to supply residents and stores products supplementing the limitations of a handful of corporate national producers and shortening the supply chain.

                           TOP 3 LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES
                   ENERGY, EDUCATION & THE ECONOMY


These are the issues that impact our lives and our families everyday and the best examples of failed government policies that need to be changed before more harm is done.


* Working towards sustainable energy sources is smart and will provide many future opportunities. Sacrificing our economy, our standard of living and national defense prior to securing cheap, abundant and reliable sustainable alternatives is, at the very least, irresponsible.  Legislation must be put in place to secure energy production long term, including drilling, pipelines, refineries, natural gas, and nuclear, so that industry can develop these resources without the fear of being shut down with alternating administrations. 


* Our public education is failing us. Math, science and language skills continue to decline. Anxiety, depression, isolation and suicide among our children continue to rise and as social indoctrination programs replace fundamentals and life skills in our schools. Since its founding in 1979, the Department of Education has failed to improve of education system, and by all measures has been a disaster  I propose immediately abolish the DOE and set a five year program to use its budget to restore fundamental education in our classrooms with adequate books and equipment including equipment to reestablish music and "shop" classes providing training in basic electronics, carpentry, computers, etc.. I support school choice and enabling education dollars to follow the student's education needs including options of apprenticeship and entrepreneurial training programs. These dollars should also be extended to support trade schools and apprenticeship programs that will provide millions of middle class jobs and restore our depleted skilled trade workforce. 

I believe that when teaching the history of our country it is important to also teach students about our darker moments and tragedies so that the mistakes of the past can be learned, remembered and avoid being repeated. Divisive and fictitious programs such as The 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory, and aggressive alternative sex education programs being taught in elementary schools do not belong in our schools. Parents need to take control of their school boards and eliminate the trending phenomena of instructing students to lie to, keep secrets from, and identify parents that oppose these programs. Any promotion of gender reassignment therapy for minors needs to be removed from our schools immediately and permanently and left between families and their quack medical practitioners.  


* To restore a strong and growing economy three things must happen.

The first is to tighten the reins on or eliminate the unchecked Federal Reserve made up of private banks that are profiting at taxpayer and investor expense while printing money and reducing the value of every dollar we hold.  

The second is for congress to stop spending money that it doesn't have. No business or household could operate with limitless spending nor can any country. Without congressional willpower to stop spending a balanced budget amendment is necessary. Every additional dollar added to the money supply reduces their value and increases inflation leading to the devastating price increases that we are being subjected to by an irresponsible government.

The third is for government to get out of the crony capitalism business of picking winners and losers by ending federal government subsidies as well as regulations and restrictions on business not established as law by congress.  A blatant example of the cronyism infecting congress is the failure of congress to bring The Prime Act to the floor for a vote The Prime Act would enable meat packers, subject to state inspections, to produce meat products for local distribution consumers,  restaurants, hotels, boarding houses, grocery stores, or other establishments. This would  not only create competition for the handful of big donor government approved national packers, it would lead to fresher local products, shortening the supply chain and a reduced carbon footprint being provided to consumers at lower costs. A pretty simple solution if we can get government out of the way. 



To reverse the trend of increasing costs and restricted access to quality health care we must reduce government and insurance paperwork, encourage real price competition, and allow unlimited individual and employer contributions to HSA (Health Savings Accounts) to anyone carrying any type of health coverage, including Medicare, VA benefits, etc. as proposed in Senator Paul's Health Savings Accounts for All Act 

Any and all federal funding should be immediately discontinued to medical facilities that deny any treatment to uninfected patients based on their vaccination status 


The pandemic has made us painfully aware of the need to make preparedness a higher priority, starting with a response to Chinese officials' threats of withholding medications from the United States for political reasons we need to expedite the domestic production of pharmaceuticals as a national defense priority



Throughout the 1960's, prior to the Roe vs Wade decision my neighbor and friend was being raised by a single mom, who I learned years later worked for an abortion doctor. Regardless of how we feel about abortions, that fact is that they have always will continue to take place. Our role is to make them as undesirable choice as possible, and the way to do this is to provide as many better choices as humanly possible. Providing a full range of prenatal care, counseling alternatives  and easing restrictions, regulations and costs of adoption for loving homes that are currently shut out of the adoption process.

States now are faced with very difficult decisions on abortion but I believe that late term and partial birth abortions should always be prohibited. I also believe that, in the case of minors, parental notification and consent is to be required as it would be for any other medical treatment. 



Eliminate the welfare state; eliminate the need for a wall. With declining birth rates and aging population there is a need to increase in legal immigration. Specifically, there's a need for highly skilled workers as well as for agricultural visa workers. I support an expedited path to permanent status for these people to be part of America. While I support increased legal immigration I believe that workers should not receive welfare benefits. These workers should be sponsored by family, employers, civic groups, etc. but should not be here at taxpayers expense. I support enforcement targeting those with final deportation orders.

                                        SOCIAL JUSTICE


I do not believe that there is systemic racism in this country, however, I do believe that federal anti-poverty programs have a 50 year history of failure and the unintended consequence of expanding economic disparity that will require more than the government's getting out of the way to resolve. The real cure is a vibrant economy that creates jobs, income and opportunity. School choice with options that focus on trades and life skills need to be supported for a long term solution. Economic opportunity zones will create business and job opportunities,and reduce regulations that are barriers to creating businesses and entrepreneurship. I fully support school choice and enabling any federal education dollars to follow the student's education needs with options of apprenticeship and entrepreneurial training programs. Our freedoms and vibrant economy are the reasons why millions of people of color continue to come to our country and to share in the American Dream.



Americans questioning their government, holding their government responsible for its actions and corruption, and demanding to be free from burdensome taxation, regulation, surveillance, and property seizure are not, and have never been domestic terrorists. Protesters taking violent action against others person or property should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law regardless of political ideology. The use of any federal agencies violate the rights of any American without a warrant needs to be prohibited with violators subject to criminal prosecution. 

While favoring a non interventionist national policy I do support the threat and targeted use of force to prevent harm to our citizens or interests. I do not support the use of troops or or military funding for actions not approved by congress or for use in conflicts without a clear goal and exit strategy. 

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