"It is great people that make a nation great. We all must constantly strive to live up to the ideals that our country was founded upon, while embracing and securing the traditions  and values that bind us together as great people "



Currently our biggest issues are reigniting the economy, repairing a terribly broken education system, and improving our food supply logistics.

* Legislation that reduces federal spending and burdensome regulations while expanding of free market economic opportunity zones that eliminate burdensome regulations and licensing requirements will facilitate job creation and entrepreneurial opportunities.

* Legislation that supports school choice and enables any federal education dollars to follow the student's education needs with options of apprenticeship and entrepreneurial training programs. These dollars should also be extended to support trade schools and apprenticeship programs that will provide millions of middle class jobs and restore our depleted skilled trade workforce.

* Legislation that enables local food producers to supply residents and stores products supplementing the limitations of a handful of corporate national producers and shortening the supply chain.


I fully support the 2nd Amendment and will oppose and fight to reverse any attempts to weaken our right to bear arms.



To reverse the trend of increasing costs and restricted access to quality health care we must reduce government and insurance paperwork, encourage real price competition,and allow unlimited individual and employer contributions to HSA (Health Savings Accounts) to anyone carrying any type of health coverage, including Medicare, VA benefits, etc. as proposed in Senator Paul's Health Savings Accounts for All Act.

The Covid 19 pandemic has made us painfully aware of the need to make preparedness a higher priority, starting with responding to Chinese officials' threats of withholding medications with expediting the domestic production of pharmaceuticals as a national defense priority



I believe that late term and partial birth abortions should be prohibited. I also believe that, in the case of minors, parental notification and consent is to be required as it would be for any other medical treatment. I believe that the only way to end abortion is for American society to provide a wider range of adoption and counseling alternatives that make abortion undesirable option.



Eliminate the welfare state; eliminate the need for a wall. With declining birth rates and aging population there is a need to increase in legal immigration. Specifically, there's a need for highly skilled workers as well as for agricultural visa workers. I support an expedited path to permanent status for these people to be part of America. While I support increased legal immigration I believe that workers should not receive welfare benefits. These workers should be sponsored by family, employers, civic groups, etc. but should not be here at taxpayers expense. I support enforcement targeting those with final deportation orders.



I do not believe that there is systemic racism in this country, however, I do believe that federal anti-poverty programs have a 50 year history of failure and the unintended consequence of expanding economic disparity that will require more than the government's getting out of the way to resolve. The real cure is a vibrant economy that creates jobs, income and opportunity. School choice with options that focus on trades and life skills need to be supported for a long term solution. Economic opportunity zones will create business and job opportunities,and reduce regulations that are barriers to creating businesses and entrepreneurship. I fully support school choice and enabling any federal education dollars to follow the student's education needs with options of apprenticeship and entrepreneurial training programs. Our freedoms and vibrant economy are the reasons why millions of people of color continue to come to our country and to share in the American Dream.



While favoring a non interventionist national policy I do support the threat and targeted use of force to prevent harm to our citizens or interests. I do not support the use of troops for actions not approved by congress or for use in conflicts without a clear goal and exit strategy. Our involvement in Middle East peace agreements is a positive step that should be supported 100% I am going to take a side step here and address the need to address domestic terrorism from Marxist and Anarchist groups. I support and would have signed the letter from 50 Congressmen demanding that the DOJ investigate the organized riots. I support federal charges being filed against those funding and supporting these destructive actions. I also support the President's actions against such divisive programs as The 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory, and would even add the aggressive alternative sex education programs being taught in elementary schools.