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It is great people that make a nation great. We all must constantly strive to live up to the ideals that our country was founded upon, while embracing and protecting the traditions institutions, and values that bind us together as a great and secure people 


                                                     JOB #1

The 437 Republicans and Democrats in Congress have an approval rating of 16% because We The People recognize that they are not doing their jobs, serving donors, political parties and their own ambitions over the voters needs. 

* Term Limits either through a Constitutional Amendment or only electing legislators signing a binding pledge.

* A Balanced Budget Amendment

* End ALL lifetime perks and benefits. Salaries will be no higher than the average income in a members state. Congress is a public service role and should never be a wealth creating career.

* End all Congressional and staffer exemptions from federal laws passed.

* Sunset provisions on all tax and regulatory legislation

* All bills will be single issue, under 50 pages, plain language standard, with a list of everyone who had a hand in crafting the measure including lobbyists, outside lawyers, researchers at think tanks, people working at nonprofits and others 

* Enlarge the House of Representatives with a larger number of smaller congressional districts that would provide better representation for the nation's population than we currently have with the current average size of 770,000 people in each district. I propose returning to the 280,000 district size of 1929, when the Congress capped the house size at 435 members. Current Congressional Districts are too large and too diverse to be represented by one Representative. 

 * Legislation that supports school choice and enables any federal education dollars to follow the student's education needs with options of apprenticeship and entrepreneurial training programs. These dollars should also be extended to support trade schools and apprenticeship programs that will provide millions of middle class jobs and restore our depleted skilled trade workforce.

* Legislation that enables local food producers to supply residents and stores products supplementing the limitations of a handful of corporate national producers and shortening the supply chain.

                           TOP 3 LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES
                   ENERGY, EDUCATION & THE ECONOMY


These are the issues that impact our lives and our families everyday and the best examples of failed government policies that need to be changed before more harm is done.


* Working towards sustainable energy sources is smart and will provide many future opportunities. Sacrificing our economy, our standard of living and national defense prior to securing cheap, abundant and reliable sustainable alternatives is, at the very least, irresponsible.  Legislation must be put in place to secure energy production long term, including drilling, pipelines, refineries, natural gas, and nuclear, so that industry can develop these resources without the fear of being shut down with alternating administrations. 


* Our public education is failing us. Math, science and language skills continue to decline. Anxiety, depression, isolation and suicide among our children continue to rise and as social indoctrination programs replace fundamentals and life skills in our schools. Since its founding in 1979, the Department of Education has failed to improve of education system, and by all measures has been a disaster  I propose immediately abolish the DOE and set a five year program to use its budget to restore fundamental education in our classrooms with adequate books and equipment including equipment to reestablish music and "shop" classes providing training in basic electronics, carpentry, computers, etc.. I support school choice and enabling education dollars to follow the student's education needs including options of apprenticeship and entrepreneurial training programs. These dollars should also be extended to support trade schools and apprenticeship programs that will provide millions of middle class jobs and restore our depleted skilled trade workforce. 

I believe that when teaching the history of our country it is important to also teach students about our darker moments and tragedies so that the mistakes of the past can be learned, remembered and avoid being repeated. Divisive and fictitious programs such as The 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory, and aggressive alternative sex education programs being taught in elementary schools do not belong in our schools. Parents need to take control of their school boards and eliminate the trending phenomena of instructing students to lie to, keep secrets from, and identify parents that oppose these programs. Any promotion of gender reassignment therapy for minors needs to be removed from our schools immediately and permanently and left between families and their quack medical practitioners.  


* To restore a strong and growing economy three things must happen.

The first is to tighten the reins on or eliminate the unchecked Federal Reserve made up of private banks that are profiting at taxpayer and investor expense while printing money and reducing the value of every dollar we hold.  

The second is for congress to stop spending money that it doesn't have. No business or household could operate with limitless spending nor can any country. Without congressional willpower to stop spending a balanced budget amendment is necessary. Every additional dollar added to the money supply reduces their value and increases inflation leading to the devastating price increases that we are being subjected to by an irresponsible government.

The third is for government to get out of the crony capitalism business of picking winners and losers by ending federal government subsidies as well as regulations and restrictions on business not established as law by congress.  A blatant example of the cronyism infecting congress is the failure of congress to bring The Prime Act to the floor for a vote The Prime Act would enable meat packers, subject to state inspections, to produce meat products for local distribution consumers,  restaurants, hotels, boarding houses, grocery stores, or other establishments. This would  not only create competition for the handful of big donor government approved national packers, it would lead to fresher local products, shortening the supply chain and a reduced carbon footprint being provided to consumers at lower costs. A pretty simple solution if we can get government out of the way. 

                                            VOTING RIGHTS


I propose to make Election Day a national holiday with a $100 appreciation for every voter that makes it to their polling places to vote. There must be an adequate number of polling places and open hours to vote in every community.

Photo ID should be required to vote

Congressional Districts should be smaller as the founders intended, and the cap placed by Congress 1929 by resolution should be lifted, so that representation can be more reflective of our communities. We should have more than double the representation that we have in our broken congress. This would also reduce the impact of gerrymandering, lobbyist influence, and increase the Electoral College votes.

                                     NATIONAL SECURITY


The United States should stay out of foreign conflicts and all wars unless declared by Congress if the United States is under direct attack. The United States foreign intervention policies have failed us miserably, providing no stability and security while leaving behind destruction at an unacceptable cost in property, lives and taxpayer dollars.

We should always invest in having world's best trained and equipped military as a deterrent against attack. 

Domestically, Americans with opposing opinions should never by seen as threats to our nation. I favor the repeal of of The Patriot Act, The Freedom Act, The National Defense Authorization Act, and the FISA Courts and all measures conducted by the federal government, both directly and through coercive actions using private and public institutions to surveil, monitor, and track American citizens without a warrant signed by a judge and publicly recorded. 

                                        CLIMATE CRISIS


Let's start any and all conversations with real action to clean our groundwater of contaminants such as PFAS instead of accepting never ending Congressional talking points and hearings.

Beyond that, while developing sustainable and alternate sources of energy is always prudent it should never come at the expense of the availability of affordable, reliable and abundant energy needed to sustain our economy and our way of life. Currently wind and solar options are not affordable, reliable or abundant. Efforts to raise the prices and limit availability of energy sources that we depend on to make wind and solar appear competitive have resulted irreparable damage to our economy and our way of life.

As our sacrificing to "save the planets"; when the proponents and preachers of that ideology leave their oceanfront mansions, park their limos and jets, drydock their yachts and reduce their global footprint, I will be happy to discuss that hoax. After witnessing over fifty years of false crisis prophesies and climate data that is repeatedly in error or worse, I am not a believer in man having a greater impact on weather than the sun or the planet itself. 

                                              MY VALUES


i begin and end each day with a prayer of thanks for the day, the world around me, and all that we have, as well as asking that others might spend more time appreciating the world around them and rejecting the dark divisive hateful elements surrounding us everyday. I believe in the goodness of most people, freed today's media and hateful rhetoric, most people will step up when needed and be there for each other. I firmly believe that, as Americans, we are far more alike than we are different with most of us just working to get through the day and provide for our families, and with an opportunity and encouragement most of us can thrive. And though some folks might take a few attempts it is worth providing them. I also believe that we have become far to complacent and need to wake up and take charge of our lives and communities. We have put far too much faith and trust in government, media and schools to act in our best interest and they have failed us. Now I ask my friends and neighbors to step up and take back our communities by any and all actions that you can manage. Run for office or school board, put out lawn signs or knock on doors, write letters to the editors or to your legislators, ignore, ridicule and laugh at media that is dividing and lying to us, question everything you hear from government and media, know your school board members and your kids teachers. GET INVOLVED, IT'S CONTAGIOUS

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