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It is nice to see upwards of 50k mailers go out with a positive message about my campaign. Thanks to the Progressive VPP (http://PROTECTVOTING.ORG) PAC.

They sent two versions. I appreciate that this Progressive PAC has failed to endorse my Democrat opponent Dan Kildee yet does appreciate my message of a limited, less intrusive, and fiscally responsible federal government

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

The IVoterguide has been released with information and position statements from all of the candidates on the Michigan ballot including our 8th Congressional District. 


David Canny's Issue Positions 

Now Available at

David Canny's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test) 

Now Available at


November 8th

Election Day

Wednesday Oct. 26th @6:00 PM

Meet the Candidate    6:00  PM

Flint's Iconic Golden Leaf Club Open to the public on Wednesdays

Stop by and say hello. 

Meet the Candidate    6:00  PM

Flint's Downtown ArtWalk, held the 2nd Friday of each month.

Stop by, say hello and enjoy the downtown ArtWalk before winter sets in.

Friday, Oct. 14th @6:00 PM


In a recent interview I was asked "Why are you running for Congress?"


My response to that is, at last look, there were 437 Republicans and Democrats in Congress with an approval rating of 16%.


Congress is Broken and I believe that it can be and has to be fixed.


Congress has chosen to serve donors, political parties and lifetime careers over the interests of the voters; and with 16% approval, the voters know it. 


Please check out my positions and plans to restore Congress to it's duty as "The People's House" and if you believe like I do that Congress can be fixed, please vote for me to represent you on November 8th.   


How 'bout it Michigan?


This is a good start but Trade Schools and Apprentice programs need to be included to provide solid middle class jobs and rebuild our skilled workforce 

In Arizona, ANY student can now take their share of state government school funding (about $7k) and use it for private school tuition, or even homeschooling. Dozens of other states passed school choice reforms recently. Union head @dpwalrod says, that's terrible. We debate:

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